Escaping Revolution


STITCX's first book, comes with free album that is based on the story.

Escaping Revolution unfolds a fast moving journey that makes serious remarks about macro-economics and the future of our world.
The story begins after the banks default and our country votes in a new post-capitalistic system. In the voted system, everyone start equal at 18, there are no inheritances, money cannot be accumulated, and politicians are prohibited from becoming rich. The businesses primary goal is made to be maximizing the extent in which people are being helped by their services and individuals income is based on their contribution to society. The book describes the beginning of a greed-free world, where people have financial security and joined destiny.
While these ideals would seem attractive to some, for others, like Ben Burner, this is a nightmare. Ben rejects the new system and joins the rebellion against it in an attempt to regain his status. As a result, Ben pays a significant personal price and is forced to escape into what is becoming a spiritual journey with a surprising end.

The Escaping Revolution project is also comprised of a double album by the band The Mother’s Anger called "Escape/Revolution." The album follows the story with songs and parts that are based on certain scenes in the book. The album has many guests, most notably Ben Shepherd, bassist of Soundgarden.

A note From the Author
This project's goal is to share an idea and to inspire others to search within and spend time thinking about possible solutions to our world's problems. I hope this book and CD will help you figure out what is important in life, and spend time figuring out how you can help create a better world.

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